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Canadian Salmon

As our name on the packaging suggests, Gratitude is our mantra, our mission to honour and cherish evolution’s life line, our way forward. We are grateful for what nature has given us. Our Canadian Atlantic Salmon is an extension of this time honoured belief, and a healthy reminder of our continued mission to deliver high quality seafood – using Indigenous approved fishing and production processes.

Gratitude’s Canadian Atlantic Salmon represents more than a source of sustenance for our collective palates. When you make a purchase, you’re helping breathe new life not only in our community, but in yours, as well.

Canadian Salmon

Skinless Boneless

Ingredients: Atlantic salmon, sea salt.

Canadian Salmon

Skinless Boneless – No Salt Added

Ingredients: Atlantic salmon.

Canadian Salmon

Skinless Boneless – Smoked

Ingredients: Atlantic salmon, organic sugar, sea salt, natural hardwood smoke.


This is more than an invitation to enjoy delicious seafood. It’s an invitation to join us on our journey. A journey that began thousands of years ago from a place we’ve long called home – Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

A journey that, despite many challenges, continues uninterrupted to this day. A journey that shines a light on who we are as people, how we thrive and how we carry ourselves in this world. As we journey forward, we constantly remain true to ourselves, our beliefs, and our traditional way of life.

Since the beginning of time, our elders have taught us that all life is interconnected and sacred. We’ve learned that every living creature has a role and a purpose. To honour this great circle of life, we were taught to treat all living things with care and respect. We were taught to be grateful for what we are given, and to ensure that gifts we are given be cherished and passed along in good health to our grandchildren’s grandchildren.

Sockeye Salmon


Ingredients: Sockeye salmon, sea salt.

Sockeye Salmon

Traditional – Smoked

Ingredients: Sockeye salmon, organic sugar, sea salt, natural hardwood smoke.

By respecting and caring for the health of the mountains and the sea, the health of our fishing families and communities, as well as the health we experience and share with those families from all over the world, we all add nourishment to this circle of life.

As you join us, the circle grows stronger, and so too does our all-important journey—from its ancient roots, through stewardship and resiliency, and now onwards and upwards towards its ultimate destination—regeneration of our world.

When you purchase seafood from us, you join our journey and become part of the circle. Every purchase breathes new life into your community and ours.

Thank you for joining us on this time-honoured adventure.